The mask slipped?

Secrets behind every edge,
be careful not to weigh her words
and she`s a goddess, she`s vamp,
an autumn-storm in a cloud-cuckoo-land,
nearly passed in silence like a night-bird.

Try to hold her golden hand,
another promise highly unlike to keep,
without following her into the dark
where she cuts your words into the willow bark,
she`ll maybe hold you cheap.

Words contrast strongly with mind
she`s not that kind of woman,
to leave them unspoken
though secret doors left open
seem like a pill bottle in her third hand.

So if you force her walls to slowly cave in
it`ll take a piercing glance in every way,
to catch sight of her
behind a mysterious smile,
but it`s worth while as one may say.
19.1.08 21:26

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